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Your Roofing and Siding Specialist 

Very well versed in Xactimate, making sure you as a home owner get everything covered with 1 claim. Always free inspections if you think you have damage. If I don't think I can get it covered,  I will advise you to NOT file a claim. I'm not in this to roll dice on another person's house. ;-) Specializing in Exterior Residential Construction (with a great interior background as well)

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Who Am I?

An outgoing, small town guy with a trusting reputation with both owners and insurance companies


I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years,  doing everything from laborer and working my way to this point. I've managed projects as small as a window replacement,  all the way to full home remodeling. I love both exterior and Interior projects, however find pleasure in helping owners understand insurance claims, getting the most from theirs, and also keeping an honest relationship with all insurance companies.

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Everything In Between?

Do you do That?

Often the question gets asked "do you have someone who can do that?."  Gutters, a Deck, Insulation, Electrical, Changing your Oil. Yes, I do and I'd be happy to put you in direct contact saving you the money of mark ups! :)

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Roof Replacement

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service

Roofing is in many cases a 1 day job.  Yes, remove and replace everything..... in 1 day.  What you don't see is the detail, and experience at work with the right crew. I am very picky with who does work,  and it sometimes slows me down. However that owner that had to wait a couple days is much happier than the one catching water leaks with buckets in the kitchen after getting their "New Roof".

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Siding Replacement 

5% off the profit, in exchange for a relationship,  can result in 5 more jobs with the same outcomes. 

There are so many choices for siding, yet so many are guided into a direction that "this is an upgrade of twice your original amount".  In some cases, the same quality products can be used on the sides and back, at a lesser cost, putting the funds toward your focal point on the front, like LP siding for that upscale look with vinyl wrapped on the other 3 sides.  ;-)

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Insurance Claims

Hail, Wind, and Water....Oh my 

Insurance Claims can be intimidating for some home owners. I've handled hundreds of claims,  alleviating the stress from you, so you can focus more on your everyday tasks. With a great report of honesty, and sticking to my relationships with Insurance Companies and Home Owners,  I have successfully opened and closed hundreds of Claims with a handshake from both sides. Contact me if you think you have damage or want an inspection. 

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New steel siding and Roof, waiting on windows

Insurance covered 2 sides, and after using our research and with great reception from the insurance company, we replaced the roof,  all siding, and are waiting on windows.  


Full Wrap

New Roof, Siding, Gutters. Partial garage, but with another receptive insurance company was able to get the remaining 3 sides approved to stay compliant with code. 


Artificial Grass 

This is in my own yard. A little work on the grade, and sand. We priced this out and I figure it will pay itself off with no water bill, no lawn care,  and no lawn mower in a matter of a few years. Word of caution,  doing this by yourself makes you remember your not 22 anymore! 🥵 All in all,  about $4,800.00 and I'm loving the green grass all year round. :)


Back Splash,  what a difference 👌 

Bored of that 4 inch surround on our counter, I told her to pick what she wanted. DON'T ever do that. 
After a couple very tedious areas of toothpicking prices in, it turned out pretty nice. :)

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Fair Prices, Excellent Service, State of the Art Technology 

I use current technology such as Xactimate,  Hover, and Eagle View to get accurate Ariel photos and measurements and current market pricing. Contact me for a free Estimate, be it Insurance or Retail!

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